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About Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout

Any cleaning company can make your carpet suddenly become clean and look brand new. Here at Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout, we have cleaning experts who can handle any cleaning task for you. At Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout Cleaning, we offer cleaning services for both homes and offices. We have reasonably priced services and in-house experts who have many years of experience in the cleaning industry.

Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout cleaning professionals use a proven range of cleaning methods and cleaning agents in cleaning your carpet. We are fully trained to the highest cleaning standards and maintain our cleaning service equipment at all times.

Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout is an accredited cleaning company that boasts of leading-edge cleaning equipment and expert staff. Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout offers cleaning solutions for residents' homes, cleaning offices, cleaning schools, and shopping centers. We have built up a reputation for Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout that is honest, reliable, and affordable.

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Mission Statement

We have qualified & eOur cleaning services are consistent and provide results. We deliver cleaning service as described in all deposits, contracts, and cleaning schedules. Our cleaning is safe for the environment with a commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction. We provide cleaning services backed by and focused on high-quality services, customer satisfaction, and cleaning outcomes with a low environmental impact.xperienced cleaning experts.

Value Statement

We will be dedicated to providing quality cleaning services that enhance our clients' businesses or homes. Our workers are committed to delivering high-end services to everyone by cleaning the environment and cleaning your home or office.


We will be the cleaning company of choice in our industries. We will present a positive working environment for our employees, treating each other with respect and integrity. Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout cleaning services are committed to establishing long-term relationships with clients based on trust, quality customer service, and profitability. We focus on becoming a leading destination for high-quality cleaning services. 

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What Our Owner Says

My environmentally friendly solutions include tile and grout cleaning as well. HOST are Seal certified and The Green Seal is awarded to products that meet the standards of performance, safety, and reliability. I use their systems for all my services. Want to learn more? See my Services Page.

I believe that dust is our enemy and I have the equipment to handle microfiber, carpets and even hard floors. Being a professional cleaner is not my only calling as I am also an environmentalist. This is why I provide green carpet cleaning solutions. Let me ensure your carpets, rugs, and floors are dust-free and call me today!

Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout is the professional business you can also contact for all your quality carpet cleaning needs. If you are in or around the McKinney, TX area, give me a call for appointments and additional information now!

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We are cleaner collection & we clean for your health


Services on Offer:

Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout Cleaning has been operating in the area for several years now. Started as a cleaning service business with just a few cleaning experts, we have unrivaled cleaning results because of continued development and training.

Thousands of people trust Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout cleaning services to help them clean their homes and place of work. The reason is simple; Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout knows how to clean carpet cleaning services.
Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout experts have mastered the art of cleaning and have been implementing it for years. Now HCC cleaning specialists are applying their cleaning experience to teach you too!

Our Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout service programs include :

Deep Steam Cleaning at Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout Cleaning Services :
We make your carpets new. Our cleaning experts use cleaning equipment that combines cleaning with cleaning agents. Steam is used to remove stubborn dirt and stains, leaving your cleaning looking clean and fresh!

Check Our Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout Cleaning Services for Pet Odors:
A few days after you have cleaned the carpet, an unpleasant smell will come out again! HCC has the cleaning solution to this cleaning problem, cleaning pet odors released after cleaning.

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Sanitization Cleaning Services:
HCC offers sanitization cleaning services for businesses and schools to eliminate germs and bacteria found in the carpet at work or in school. Sanitation cleaning is designed to reduce the risk of disease.

Carpet Cleaning at Michael's Carpet Care Tile and Grout:
Cleaning services for carpet cleaning to restore the original appearance of carpets and rugs. Our cleaning experts will vacuum the floor, clean stained areas, apply cleaning solutions, rinse the area with water extraction and make your carpet or rug look new!

We also offer other Miscellaneous Cleaning Services:

Tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning services, blinds and window coverings, etc.

Cleaning carpets that were neglected for some time, thanks to our carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning of the upholstered furniture that has not been cleaned for some time, thanks to our best Upholstery Cleaning Services.

Restoration repairs through water damage restoration services in commercial spaces.

Professional window cleaning by certified professionals.

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